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Federal Leasing Expert

GSA & Federal

Lease Brokerage

Look, we get it…. Working with GSA and other Federal Agencies to accomplish a real estate lease transaction on a building is not easy.  So do yourself a favor and hire a true GSA Leasing Expert.

Here at Arco Real Estate Solutions, we have been in the business of Government Real Estate, both inside and outside of the Government, for over 15 years.  If you are seeking a true GSA & Federal leasing expert to guide you through the cumbersome process of obtaining or maintaining a GSA lease in your building, then Arco is ready and willing to partner with you today.

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GSA Leasing Expert

GSA & Federal

Lease Consulting

Just like a hammer isn’t the right tool for a screw, a brokerage model likely isn’t the right “tool” for many of the issues that arise when you have a Government tenant.

It is for this reason that Arco introduced an hourly federal lease consulting model.  Through this model, we can assist you with any and every issue that arises during Government tenancy in your building.  With just a single phone call, we can immediately begin providing solutions and the peace of mind that comes from having a GSA leasing expert on your team.

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Chad Becker - GSA & Federal Leasing Expert

GSA & Federal

Lease Assistance

There are only a few brokers in this space that can honestly call themselves experts, and there are even fewer that can call themselves thought leaders.

Via the GOV CRE Podcast, the YouTube Channel “Arco Answers”, Blog posts, and serving as the Rocky Mountain Chapter President of NFDA, we have made it our mission to not only be aware of conversations happening in our niche industry but to steer them.

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Client Reviews

“Chad was paramount in helping us obtain a commercial lease procurement with the government. He had extensive knowledge of each and every governmental idiosyncrasy. He helped us understand and navigate every request all the way to getting the lease signed. There is no way we could have figured this out on our own. If you are a Landlord wanting a lease with the government, you can’t afford not to use him.”

John Lake

“Let Chad make the overwhelming and intimidating process of lease acquisition and procurement much easier. I was able to utilize Chad’s expertise to acquire a 15 year lease with a rentable square foot rate much higher than other comparables in the regional market. This is huge for the casual GSA user. Money well spent!”

Reese Harpel
Professional Land Surveyor

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