Building a Team of Expert GSA Lease Advisors

In the highly specialized niche of GSA leasing and federal government leasing in general, having an expert Government Lease advisor is critical.

Whether you are competing for a new lease, negotiating a renewal, or working with the GSA to resolve conflicting lease interpretations, assembling the right team of experts will reduce your stress, increase your confidence that you put forth the best offer possible, and ultimately increase your probability of success.  It really is that important!

Arco Real Estate Solutions is actively building a team of very unique and highly qualified real estate professionals who focus on being expert GSA leasing advisors.  Learn more below.

Chad Becker


Chad began his career in Commercial Real Estate with the General Services Administration (GSA) and went on to spend 15 years with the Federal Government.

“Your Brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”
– Jeff Bezos

Arco’s Mission is Simple

At Arco Real Estate Solutions, we believe in putting our years of experience as government lease experts and our undeniably unique perspective to work for our clients and non-clients alike.  It is our mission to demystify the process, create greater efficiencies where possible, and hopefully create an empathetic environment where all parties involved in this niche government leasing space understand the needs and challenges that each party faces.  It is only through creating a better understanding of the overall ecosystem, that Arco strives to improve the Government leasing ecosystem as a whole.