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Chad Becker


Chad began his career in Commercial Real Estate with the General Services Administration (GSA) and went on to spend 15 years with the Federal Government.  During his tenure with the Government, Chad held positions in Property Management, Asset Management, and concluded his career in Leasing where he served as an in-house broker for the U.S. Government.  It was during his role as an in-house broker that he began to see the great opportunities that existed for building owners and their brokers who sought deals with the Federal Government.

Chad resigned his position with the Federal Government in March of 2017 and has been successfully helping building owners around the country navigate the difficult and often confusing GSA leasing process.

Chad is also part of a small cohort of knowledgeable trainers who have contracted with one of the largest training companies in the country to deliver the GSA Lease Acquisition Training course.  This course is part of the required curriculum that all leasing employees in the Federal Government must complete in order to become certified to hold their position as either a Leasing Specialist or a Lease Contracting Officer.

In addition to the above-stated qualifications and achievements, Chad has recently founded the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the National Federal Development Association (NFDA).  NFDA is a national trade organization that provides a platform for the exchange of critical information and dialogue between the private real estate owners that service the Federal real estate sector, the Federal Government, and other service providers in this space.