Government Leasing Services

At Arco we understand that everything involving GSA leases and federal government leases in your building is unique and requires a highly specialized set of skills. If you have one of the following questions about the GSA leasing process, you should consider giving Arco a call at (720) 626-5202.

  • How do you go about obtaining a new GSA, federal government, VA, or USDA lease in your building?
  • How to do you navigate the process of obtaining a lease renewal?
  • Once you have been awarded a GSA lease / federal government lease, what does the design and construction process look like?
  • Now that you have a federal government tenant in your space, what happens if there is a dispute?
  • Interested in investing in GSA leased assets, how do you gain access to the necessary network of experts that can guide you along the way?


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