Federal Government Leased Asset - Buyer and Seller’s Assistance

Government Leased Assets are a very unique asset class and represent a small niche within a niche.  Whenever an investor is seeking advice or guidance with such a hyper-specialized building asset, the real estate professional they choose to work with must be just as specialized.

Once an investor has made the decision to buy or sell a Federal Government Leased Asset, it is incredibly important that the investor work with a specialized broker that fully understands the unique nature of Federal Government Leased Building Assets.


Given that Arco Real Estate Solutions focuses purely on Federal Government or GSA Leasing and does not perform the function of buyer or seller representation, we are uniquely positioned to assist new and experienced investors in the following ways.

Assistance Buying or Selling Federal Government Leased Asset

Buying a Federally Leased Asset:

Understanding the nuance of a Government / GSA Lease for buildings is not easy.  In fact, Arco is frequently asked to assist very established investors in this space with lease interpretation and negotiation.

The first step toward buying a Federally Leased Asset is first understanding the lease itself. Arco is more than happy to assist investors with this initial step.

Next, Arco will take into consideration your investment criteria and introduce you to the broker or brokers that best align with your stated investment criteria.  Some brokers in this Federally Leased space primarily focus on medium to large deals while others have chosen to focus on smaller asset transactions.  Being introduced to the right broker is critical to your investment success.

Selling a Federally Leased Asset:

If you already own a Government / GSA Leased asset, then you are likely already familiar with the building’s lease itself. However, you still need a broker that is best suited to assist with the disposition of your asset.

The brokers that specialize in this Federally Lease space have created their own niches with regards to asset valuations, but the one thing they all have in common is their ability to tell the story of the asset, price it appropriately, and market it effectively.

There are several brokers that claim they can assist you with selling your Government / GSA Leased Asset, but there are very few that have earned our trust and that we would consider recommending to clients.  Take the guess work out of selecting the right broker!  Arco is happy to assist you in identifying the best broker to represent you in the sale of your Federally Leased Building Asset.

No matter if you are needing help Buying or Selling your Federally Leased Asset, Arco is ready, capable, and happy to help! Give us a call at (720) 626-5202 or send us an email at chad@arcoresolutions.com today!