Government Lease Consulting Services

Leasing buildings to the GSA and other Federal Agencies can be complex at times and hiring a broker may not always make sense given the issue you are facing.  It is for this reason that Arco developed its Government Real Estate Lease Consulting Service.

This consulting service is intended to be the “catch all” solution when a brokerage model simply does not make sense.  The following is a list of how clients have used the Federal Real Estate Lease Consulting Service in the past:

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Government Real Estate Lease Consultant

  • Tenant Improvement Project Consulting – This service can include everything from weekly call participation to Tenant Improvement Cost Summary development assistance. Our goal is to get you from project kick off call to space acceptance as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • Dispute resolution – There is no doubt that a negotiated dispute resolution is superior to legal resolution from the perspective of maintaining the business relationship. Arco has assisted clients with a number of disputes in an attempt to keep issues out of the courts and in the hands of the primary stakeholders.  Before you go to the lawyers, we encourage you to give Arco a call.  And if the situation ultimately requires legal assistance, Arco has a list of lawyer referrals that include the best names in this nice.
  • Lease “Clean-up” Prior to a Sale – This service can be critical if you are hoping to maximize value of your asset, but ambiguous or contradictory language in the lease is leaving a buyer uncertain with regards to future cost exposure. Arco has assisted a number of clients and their broker by working with GSA to clarify the lease, resulting in a smoother path to the closing table.

These are just a few examples of how Arco can assist you via the Government Real Estate Lease Consulting Service. 

If you are needing some assistance in dealing with the GSA or another Federal Agency with regards to a building lease, Arco is ready, capable, and happy to assist!