Government Lease Brokerage

At Arco, we fully understand that if you are not working with the GSA on a near daily basis then the whole process to obtain or maintain a GSA lease for your building can appear daunting.

Given our extensive experience working at GSA (over 15 years), coupled with our experience as exclusive owner’s representatives in GSA lease transactions, Arco’s primary goal is to deliver the best deal possible while minimizing the stress and confusion.

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Government Lease Brokerage

GSA & Federal Brokerage Solutions

With this in mind, Arco provides full-service government lease brokerage solutions for your pursuit of a new GSA lease or the renewal of a GSA lease already in your building. Wondering what full-service GSA or federal brokerage solutions include? Well, here at Arco we provide each client with the following services at a minimum:

  • Analysis of the potential competitive landscape within the delineated area
  • Information related to the market / submarket
  • Full cooperation and guidance in developing an appropriate offer for a GSA lease
  • Preparation and collection of all required offer forms and documents
  • On-going correspondence with GSA and ownership to ensure both parties understand one another
  • Assurance that the offer complies with and takes into account the nuance of each one of GSA’s procurement methods.

There is No Need to Go at This Alone

Regardless of your experience level in Commercial Real Estate Leasing, GSA and Federal Lease Brokerage require a completely unique set of skills and know-how.  Our highly niched expertise in providing GSA brokerage solutions will undoubtedly provide you with the highest possible probability of success with a greatly reduced sense of stress and confusion.  Give us a call today and put our platform, expertise, and vast network to work for you!

For more information on the government lease brokerage process or GSA’s different procurement methods simply click the links below, or call us at (720) 626-5202 and we would be happy to help!