GSA Request for Lease Proposal – Traditional

The Traditional Request option in the GSA Request for Lease Proposal procurement is when GSA uses a Federal Employee, either a Leasing Specialist or a Lease Contracting Officer, to manage the leasing process on behalf of the Government.

If your building has been accepted into the competition after the Market Survey, then the next step in the process will be receiving a GSA Request for Lease Proposal.

This is a critical step in the federal lease procurement because it will be the first time you will see all of the technical and lease requirements associated with this particular GSA lease that you are pursuing.  And when we say all of the requirements, we mean ALL of the requirements.  It is very common for the RLP to exceed 100- 150+ pages.

Some key things to know about the GSA Request for Lease Proposal process:

  • It is an iterative process that will likely last several months.
  • When working directly with the Government, they will not require a tenant rep commission.
  • The Government is NOT responsible for making sure you are getting a good deal or even covering your costs.
  • The GSA lease is NOT a typical market lease.
  • You must understand the major cost drivers embedded in the GSA / Federal Lease Template or else you will likely under-bid.
  • The GSA’s treatment of operating costs is not like the majority of market deals
  • Honestly, this list could go on and on…. and it does

This is the point where you have a decision to make.

You can clear your schedule for the next several weeks and work only on becoming a GSA / Federal Leasing Expert.


You can reach out to one of the GSA / Federal Leasing Experts working at Arco Real Estate Solutions.

Why Choose Arco?

Our brokerage was built from the ground up with one purpose and that is “easing GSA leasing” for landlords and brokers working on a GSA building lease procurement. Whether you are working with GSA or any other Federal Agency on a Federal Lease Procurement, let our expert brokers guide you through the process.

So what do you get when you work with Arco?  Well, for a start you will receive the following services as part of our full-service GSA or Federal brokerage solution:

  • Analysis of the potential competitive landscape within the delineated area
  • Information related to the market / submarket
  • Full cooperation and guidance in developing an appropriate offer for a GSA lease
  • Preparation and collection of all required offer forms and documents
  • On-going correspondence with GSA and ownership to ensure both parties understand one another
  • Assurance that the offer complies with and takes into account the nuance of each one of GSA’s procurement methods.

With the knowledgeable GSA and Federal Lease Brokers at Arco Real Estate Solutions there is never a need to go at it alone.  Put our expertise to work for you!